Why use an Invisible Zipper

Hi Simply fans,

It’s time to talk about that dreaded ‪#‎InvisibleZipper‬. It seems a lot of our customers are put off using invisible zippers when ‪#‎sewing‬, however, they do have their benefits.

So, what are the benefits………?

• They look great ‪#‎sewn‬ in the side of slim leg pants
• The back or side of a tight dress
• Concealed in the seam of a pencil skirt
• They lie flat with a delicate fabric
• An evening dress in delicate fabric and you want your dress to look seamless

Lapped zippers are great too but sometimes your garment needs a zipper that is invisible.

Do I need a zipper foot?

No, many people think you need an invisible zipper foot to insert your ‪#‎zip‬but you can use your regular zipper foot. Here is a tutorial from‪#‎Craftovision‬ on how to insert an invisible zipper with a normal zipper foot.


An example of an invisible zip.